New Love

New Love (click the link)

Sometimes we just need to sing about what is on our minds.  How about recovering from heart ache and stretching out for New Love!


Lucky Man

I recently went on a vision quest to find an outlet for the music of Michael LightBringer.  Here is my first video!!

This was recorded, both audio and video, in less than twelve hours and has maybe four hours of editing.

A good start.

Just click the picture to see/hear Lucky Man

Lucky Man Video

Michael LightBringer

My name is Michael.  I have dedicated myself to creating a sustainable future for myself and my family.  As farmers we are striving to raise our own food with a half acre of gardens that we cultivate in the summer, a small flock of sheep, and two greenhouses that we are learning to use.  One greenhouse is the southern window bank on our large multi-family designed earthship that we  are over six years into building.  My family and I currently live in a four hundred square foot apartment that we have finished and are still designing the remaining sixteen hundred square feet.  Our power and most of our heat come from the sun, our water from the sky, and our food primarily from our farm and our neighbors.

I am also a musician. The music that finds it’s way through me shares this message of hope and sustainability, but it carries with it a sense of urgency.  My target audience is the young and the disempowered of today’s society.   I am calling on them to stand for our freedom, put down their weapons, lift a shovel, and be a part of saving humanity.

Please join me on this journey as I make a quick tour of Occupy Camps, open mics and house concerts in Utah, California and Nevada. I will be posting observations, audio clips and photos. You can listen to some songs now on myspace.

I look forward to seeing you on this tour and hearing from you as time goes on.

Peace, Michael