Week in Review 4-20-12

Another week on and off the farm.  Spring.  A couple days ago I started wondering how this week would tally up. It didn’t feel like things were moving fast, or at least as fast as I wanted them to. Working with another person is something that I am starting to get used to and need to find more and more ways to make it happen.  I also spent time off project running machinery for someone in need of work. Thank you for having me over!

There was some time looking up for the piercing blue skies that we are graced with.  So.  I took some pictures.  This was the first one that I took (all the others for some reason mysteriously corrupted on the card and aren’t coming off).

The thousand words I guess will replace the picture. This one is of a U in the sky. The first spectacular display came earlier with a perfect * three lined asterisk that stretched from horizon to horizon. The picture that came in the afternoon occurred as one was flying straight paralleling another line. Then, as I watched, the massive military gray jet with five distinct emission points banked hard to the right, hard to the left and hard to the right again. This maneuver put it back exactly on it’s previous trajectory and left a perfect horseshoe in the sky until it was whisked away by the snappy spring breeze.

I did find a couple from last fall though.  I wonder what that is.  It doesn’t happen all the time.  Even in the same flight.

One bee box is totally finished and at it’s new home and another is promised to be delivered the coming week. The flier is getting around and I am hoping to need friends to help with another batch soon.

This is just the demo with scratch track… meaning that we are still a bit out from polished, finished project, but, my friend DB is a magician. Yes, that is him playing his shiny electric guitar, drum set and five string bass. On the myspace site check out “SCRATCH we’ve WON!”

On the way home today from the hot springs we drew a circle on the map that stretched out a hundred miles. Pretty cool! You might want to try it, just to see how much is close to your home!

The grand finale: Happy Birthday Fancy New House! Ground was broken on this structure six years ago today. Good reason to spend the day with the family in lithium saturated water. Aaaahhhh.


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