Week in Reveiw 4-13-12

On Saturday we took time as a family to boil, blow and color eggs. The blown ones turned into exquisite scrambles to fuel fence stretching all afternoon by Brotha J and myself.

Sunday and we were off to hide and find the aforementioned eggs. We returned home shaking from bottomless cups of coffee and I leaped towards the roof to return the favor to Brotha J.  Thankfully, I couldn’t find my harness and he spent the afternoon on the 12/12 pitch.  I had already done that!  He was able to install all the last pieces of metal, trim and ridgecap. What a great project to have closer to completion! (Picture from December, I told you I’d get a photo up!)

Monday had us ready for sheep shearing at 9:15 am and the man was paid and the ruminants chilly by 10:15 am. Now to our goal for the day: the wood shuffle! Move the firewood from this location (that you moved it to when it was wet and cold out) to a new one! And in the clearing made in the front green house: a brooding area for the chicks coming on Tuesday.

Tuesday had my project list casually scrapped. Instead of what ever it was I was planning I helped in the garden, pruned the undersides of some ancient juniper trees next to the garden to encourage child hang out in the shade, and finished the chick brooder. L and the kids went to D-town and picked up chicks in the afternoon. It was a successful run.

Wednesday and I was off with a full truck to J’s for the insane tandem planer, and slicing and dicing of boards. This blurred right through until Thursday afternoon when: Ta Da!! Four Warre Hives with only a punch-list left to get them done. We washed it all down with a wonderful “home made” to-go pizza dinner with friends in our home.

Back again… Friday! But not just any Friday, my sweet wife and I had our first date and marriage on Friday the 13ths. So it’s an anniversary, and…… Dada and Kid Day!! To the river for mud fun in the partial sun, with friends! It looks like it is going to sock in for a couple days with a taste of that ol’ winter weather.  We are so thankful for any moisture that we can get!


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