L.A. What a town. Massive, sprawling, littered with highways and roads. Sister S and I took a walk on the Long Beach sand. I could feel the chaos of the battle through traffic sinking into the moist grains under my bare feet. I had decided earlier that taking the day off would be a good idea. So we relaxed and ate and drank and walked and laughed.

Sunday afternoon in Bixby Park, Long Beach was a fun time. The air was soft, the lawn offering a diversity in flora to give the sensation that it might not be sprayed with herbicides. I shared the grassy knoll of a stage with a duet of singing guitar players who were prepared to play for an hour or more so I went first. I offered the songs “Purge”, “Grey Haze” and “we’ve WON!” while S ran the camera. After a quick snack back at the apartment we headed north to West Hollywood to Canter’s Kibbitz room. The place where most of the songs from Appetite for Destruction, the first album released by Guns ‘n Roses, were performed. It was a two song venue (unless you were local, then all your friends would encourage you to play more and you could) so I shared “Purge” and “we’ve WON!” and felt good about it. People listened and one man told me he liked my music. Another couple stood to leave during my performance, but the lady stopped the man in the doorway and listened to me finishing the last song. I took that as a compliment.

On Monday we braved the highways and headed north again to Santa Monica to knock on the door of Serjical Strike Studios. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a door. I called the phone numbers that the internet had given me for the manager George Tonikian, one was disconnected and the other wasn’t accepting calls at that time. We enjoyed a nice walk on the beach, a meal in a Caribbean style restaurant and did a little thrift shopping. Seeing how hard it is to get around and since there weren’t any open mics in Long Beach on Monday, I took the night off again.

Now it is time to hug my sweet sister and head out to Las Vegas. I think I may sing at the Bikini Bar tonight and be home mid afternoon tomorrow.


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